After bringing a pet into your home, you may need to consider appropriate treatments based on the animal’s age and specific needs. Spaying or neutering a pet plays an important role in protecting your pet’s health and well-being in the Jacksonville, FL area. Let Dames Point Animal Hospital help!

What is Spaying and Neutering?

If you are in the Jacksonville area – Arlington or Intracoastal, Beaches or surrounding communities – our Arlington veterinarian wants you want to understand the basic process. The surgical procedure refers to the process of surgically sterilization your dog or cat. A veterinarian at our clinic provides the service based on the needs of your pet and the situation.

In most cases, the procedure is an important part of keeping your pets healthy and happy because it eliminates certain behaviors and health risks. Unless pet owners plan to breed a specific dog or cat, the procedure is recommended for most animals.

Benefits of the Procedure

The reasons we recommend a pet owner spay or neuter a pet depend on the specific animal and situation. Generally, the procedure offers benefits to a pet’s health and well-being.

Common advantages include:

  • Preventing breeding behaviors
  • Reducing aggressiveness in certain pets
  • Reducing the risk of breast cancer, tumor growth and prostate cancer in pets
  • Lower risk of roaming from male pets
  • Preventing new births and limiting over population

Surgically sterilizing a pet alters specific behaviors and allows pet owners to protect against specific health concerns. It reduces the risks associated with certain pets and female pets have a lower risk of complications associated with giving birth to puppies or kittens. It also prevents distractions during training in relation to pet breeding cycles.

When to Consider This Procedure for Your Jacksonville Pet

When you choose to spay or neuter your Jacksonville pet, we recommend talking to our veterinarian during the first months of a dog or cat’s life. The exact timing depends on the animal’s breed, age and health, so a professional at our clinic evaluates a pet’s current situation before making suggestions for good health.

In most cases, we suggest the treatment at an early age. Waiting until adulthood increases the risk of complications to a pet’s health. Furthermore, we do not suggest waiting until a female pet’s first heat cycle, since it may cause complications or a pet may end up pregnant within the first heat cycle. A professional at Dames Point Animal Hospital offers treatment options and advice based on your pet’s specific needs, so we suggest visiting a veterinarian before making any decisions about the process or the appropriate timing for the procedure.

Getting a pet spayed or neutered may reduce the risk of certain health conditions and improve specific behavior patterns. It helps pet owners protect against problems from an early age. Depending on your concerns and the recommendations of a professional, the appropriate time to consider the procedure varies. For more information about the treatment or to set up an appointment at Dames Point Animal Hospital for the surgical procedure, contact us today at 904-744-2699.