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Jacksonville Pet Services at Dames Point Animal Hospital

At Dames Point Animal Hospital, we work hard to keep our patients healthy and happy. Our Jacksonville and Arlington veterinarians are committed to building a lifelong foundation of proper health care for every pet, including yours. Dr. Lee and the rest of our team are proud to offer the following veterinary services for residents of the Arlington, Beaches, and Intracoastal areas of Jacksonville.

Pet Vaccinations

We also keep pets on schedule for all core and non-core vaccinations, making sure their protection doesn’t lapse. Protect your pet from rabies, distemper, Bordetella, and other preventable diseases and infections by bringing them in for annual vaccination boosters.

Pet Allergies & Dermatology

Your pet deserves to live a life free of irritation and discomfort. If your dog or cat suffers from symptoms of a skin condition or allergic reaction, we will use state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to find the source and determine the right treatment plan.

Pet Nutrition & Weight Management

Our Jacksonville veterinary team takes your pet’s wellness seriously. We will personalize a diet plan to help your pet lose weight, gain muscle, correct nutritional deficiencies, and minimize their health risks.

Pet Dentistry

Good oral health is just as important for animals as it is for humans. Schedule your pet’s annual teeth cleanings at Dames Point Animal Hospital, to avoid painful and potentially life-threatening complications of tooth and gum problems. Ask our Jacksonville veterinarian for more information about at-home pet dental care to minimize your pet’s oral health risks.

Pet Diagnostics

Early detection saves lives, so we work hard to provide comprehensive diagnostic care for every pet. We will test your pet’s blood and stool samples on-site in our laboratory, and we also perform ultrasounds and X-rays to detect foreign bodies, growths, and other internal abnormalities.

General Surgery

Our team keeps track of your pet’s vital signs and administers anesthesia gradually to reduce the risk of surgical complications, and we use the latest surgical equipment to minimize scarring and recovery time. If your pet needs a tooth extraction, gum graft, or any other major dental procedure, we are also equipped to perform oral surgery with precision and care too.

Boarding & Daycare

Unlike other animal hospitals in the Jacksonville area, we are so passionate about maximizing your pet’s quality of life that we will take care of them during the day. Our daycare services are available all week for pet owners who want their pets to have social opportunities and medical supervision while they’re at work.

We also offer training, behavioral counseling, and other veterinary services to help you improve your relationship with your pet. Call us today at 904-744-2699 to schedule your pet’s first appointment at Dame Point Animal Hospital. We look forward to getting to know your family.


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