At Dames Point Animal Hospital, our Jacksonville veterinarian team strives to be an area-leader in animal medicine and wellness care services. We offer advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including pet dental care, to pets from households in Jacksonville, Beaches, Intracoastal, and Arlington FL.

Our Jacksonville Veterinarian Explains The Importance Of Dog Dental/Cat Dental Heath

Just like with humans, oral and dental health is important for the overall health of your cat or dog. Research indicates that maintaining proper dog dental health and cat dental health can actually improve your pet’s lifespan by as much as three to five years! For this reason alone, getting your animal companion’s teeth regularly examined and cleaned is extremely important.

Regular pet dental services are also important because they also allow our Jacksonville veterinarian team to carefully screen for signs of potential oral health issues and, if necessary, initiate treatment sooner which can drastically improve outcomes for your pet. Common issues that affect dog dental health and cat dental health include periodontal disease, plaque or tartar buildup, tooth infection, and missing teeth.

Sometimes, a problem with your pet’s oral health may also be an indicator of another underlying medical problem. Since your pet can’t always tell you if something is wrong, it’s important to be on the lookout for helpful signs and symptoms of an oral health problem. This may include bad breath, excessive drooling, difficulty chewing and/or frequently dropping food, and anorexia.

Pet Dental Surgery At Dames Point

Sometimes, regular pet dental cleanings aren’t enough on their own to maintain dog dental health or cat dental health for your pet. Other problems can occur which may require pet dental surgery (which are usually detected during a thorough pet dental exam). Oral health issues that may require pet dental surgery can include broken or missing teeth, tooth abscess, cyst or tumor removal, broken jaw, and palate defects.

At our Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, we do everything in our power to deliver our pet dental services in a calming and caring environment. We use general anesthesia to help keep your pet calm and relaxed during routine pet dental cleanings and pet dental surgery. This also helps our Jacksonville veterinary surgery team get a closer, more comprehensive look at your pet’s mouth, teeth, and gums. We also have a digital dental x-ray unit which allows us to more accurately visualize the inside of your pet’s oral cavity, which can improve our diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Is Your Animal Companion In Need Of Pet Dental Surgery or Other Oral Health Services? Book A Visit At Our Animal Hospital In Jacksonville

Consistent teeth cleaning and at-home maintenance is the best way to prevent oral health problems in your animal. If a problem does occur, our veterinary surgery team offers advanced pet dental surgery to help restore the health and comfort of your animal companion. If you live near Jacksonville, Beaches, Intracoastal, or Arlington FL and are looking for pet dental services, call Dames Point Animal Hospital today!