Do you have a vacation planned? Are you concerned because you can’t take your four-legged friend with you? Sounds like you need pet boarding services from a trusted Jacksonville veterinarian!

At Dames Point Animal Hospital, we serve residents of Arlington, Beaches, Intracoastal and the surrounding Jacksonville areas. We offer a great boarding facility for extended pet stays and even offer pet daycare for animals that get lonely when you’re gone on a day trip.

Whether you’re away for the day, traveling for a week or need a month of pet day care services, we’re the only cat and dog boarding facility in Jacksonville that’s passionate about pampering your pet while you’re away. Expect the best possible care when you choose Dames Point Animal Hospital for pet boarding in Arlington.

Dog Boarding Services

When you choose us for your dog boarding needs, you have the opportunity to customize your canine friend’s experience. Basic packages include one play session or cuddle time each day plus one gourmet treat. For a more luxurious experience, you can upgrade your dog boarding package to feature things such as kiddie pool playtime, busy bone chew time, sunbathing time and social play sessions. Special packages are available for senior dogs and puppies, both of which include extra potty breaks, to help ensure the best possible experience for your pet.

Cat Boarding Services

Your feline friend needs a little loving while you’re gone, so bring him to our friendly veterinarian in Arlington for cat boarding. The services we offer our feline guests include non-on-one petting and cuddling, and extra playtime or relaxation in one of our closed off exam rooms.

Medical Supervision

When you leave your pet at Dames Point Animal Hospital, rest assured our staff can handle any chronic conditions or emergency medical problems that may arise in your absence. As opposed to leaving your furry friend with a family member or neighbor, you can trust that our experienced veterinarian in Arlington and well-stocked animal hospital can meet your pet’s needs.

Pet Day Care

Whether you’re planning a day trip or need extended pet day care during a particularly busy work week, we’ve got you covered. Our daycare visitors typically consist of dogs, so we provide plenty of opportunities to run around, play, splash in the kiddie pool or lounge around in the shade. Whatever your pooch’s preferences, he’s sure to enjoy himself during his stay with us.

Schedule Pet Boarding in Arlington

Take advantage of one of our custom dog and cat boarding packages to ensure your pet receives the care he needs while you’re on vacation. Our facilities are so well-equipped and enjoyable, your pet will feel like he’s on vacation, too!

To learn more about pet boarding in Arlington, or to schedule your animal’s next stay with us, please contact us today! We’re proud to be your trusted Jacksonville veterinarian, serving Arlington, Beaches, Intracoastal and the surrounding areas.