X-rays have been around since the late 1800s as part of diagnostic medicine. However, veterinarian medicine didn’t integrate the technology into pet diagnostics until the 1930s. Today, a pet X-ray is available in digital form from your veterinarian in Jacksonville.

Overview of Digital X-Rays

The technology is noninvasive and allows a Jacksonville veterinarian to get a closer look at your pet’s internal structure. The technology lets the vet see more than just bone breaks and fractures. The vet is able to check for bladder stones and tumors. It’s possible for the Jacksonville veterinarian to view your pet’s insides to determine if anything was consumed that shouldn’t have been. The vet may view the heart, intestines, stomach, lungs and joints through digital x-rays. The vet may even get a view of your pet’s reproductive system and urinary tract system.

Improved Quality

Digital x-rays are a rather newer technology. They allow us to get a higher-quality, more vivid image that can help us to better diagnose your pet’s condition. It also gives us the ability to diagnose more confidently with less of a risk of misdiagnosing.

Transfer the X-ray Quickly

Sending over traditional x-rays required time, days even. However, our Jacksonville veterinarian can conduct the x-ray and send over your pet’s image to a specialist quickly. That means your pet can get the necessary care in a timely fashion. We send the x-rays via email, so the specialist or surgeon receives the images in seconds.

Less Stressful on Your Pet

We conduct fewer radiographs to get the x-rays we need to diagnose and treat your pet accurately and effectively. It doesn’t take any time for us to develop your pet’s x-ray. This means your pet is on the x-ray table for less time with digital imagery than with a traditional x-ray. Less time on the table results in less stress on your pet.

Quicker Response Time

Taking an x-ray originally took time. However, digital x-rays may appear on a computer screen within six seconds of taking them. This saves us time in between taking the image and being able to respond and treat your pet accordingly. Quicker diagnostic processes save lives. Basically, the sooner we’re able to diagnose the problem the better the outcome of the treatment. We can respond sooner to emergencies than ever before.

Less Radiation Exposure

Although the risk of your pet developing cancer from exposure to radiation from x-rays is low, it’s still possible. However, digital x-rays require fewer radiographs than traditional ones. A veterinarian at an animal hospital in Jacksonville will be able to take an x-ray and manipulate the density and contrast to improve the quality rather than take multiple x-rays to get the image necessary for pet diagnostics. This means your pet’s exposure to radiation is reduced through the use of digital x-rays.

Time for Your Pet

Since traditional x-rays take time to conduct and send out, it used to take us more time to examine patients. We now have more time, so we can get to your pet when you need us to.

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