If the dog is man’s best friend, then we humans need to return the favor as only a best friend can — by helping to protect our special companions from deadly health threats. Pet vaccinations play a critical role in preventative wellness by providing immunity to killer contagions. Here at Dames Point Animal Hospital, our veterinarian in Jacksonville is proud to provide these necessary dog vaccinations to clients in Arlington, Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding communities.

How Pet Vaccinations Work

You could say that pet vaccinations work by playing a trick on the animal’s immune system. A vaccine is a deactivated version of the germ it’s meant to defend against. It contains molecular markers known as antigens which cause the immune system to perceive that a threat has entered the body. The immune system then starts manufacturing antibodies to provide protection for as long as that antigen is detected.

Pet vaccinations are necessary because baby animals aren’t born with their own working set of antibodies; their disease protection has simply been passed on from their mother and disappears during the first several weeks of life. Our veterinarian in Arlington urges owners to schedule initial rounds of vaccinations while their puppies are just a few weeks old. Since the vaccines eventually wear out, you must also bring your dog back for periodic scheduled updates to keep him protected.

Core and Elective Canine Vaccinations from Our Jacksonville Veterinarian

The essential vaccinations every canine should receive from our Jacksonville veterinarian are called core vaccinations. Core vaccinations protect against some of the most widespread and dreaded ailments. These include:

  • Rabies – A neurological virus that causes dangerously aggressive behavior and is always fatal in dogs
  • Canine hepatitis – This infectious strain of hepatitus can cause death or permanent eye, kidney and liver damage
  • Canine distemper – This incurable disease can cause nausea, vomiting, respiratory problems, neurological damage and paralysis
  • Canine parvovirus – This gastrointestinal disease is particularly devastating to younger puppies.

Core vaccinations aren’t necessarily the only kinds of vaccinations your dog will ever need. Our Jacksonville FL vet, Dr. Lee, may also recommend certain elective vaccinations for dogs who are at risk for specific contagions. For instance, if you are planning to board your pet anytime soon, we may recommend a vaccination against Bordatella, a respiratory infection better known as “kennel cough.” If your pet will be travelling through tick-infested parts of the country, we might recommend a vaccination against tick-borne ailments such as Lyme disease. Our Jacksonville veterinarian will be happy to advise you as to which vaccinations your dog needs.

Vaccination Services for Arlington, Intracoastal, Jacksonville, Beaches and the North Florida Area

If you’re a dog owner in Arlington, Intracoastal, Jacksonville, Beaches or the North Florida email, make sure your pet is getting the lifetime of protection he needs by scheduling pet vaccinations at Dames Point Animal Hospital. Call today to set an appointment with our veterinarian in Arlington!