When your pet is ill, you want to do everything you can to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, animals cannot communicate their physical complaints, and sometimes, they even endure discomfort for a long time before a problem becomes apparent. Veterinary diagnostic testing is critical to finding the source of these problems so that treatment can begin quickly. Dr. Janet M. Lee is a Jacksonville veterinarian at Dames Point Animal Hospital who can provide ultrasonic, x-ray and other diagnostic testing.

Testing Provides Critical Information

Your veterinarian in Jacksonville will utilize a number of tests to help determine the cause of your pet’s distress. The physical examination can indicate the general condition and whether the animal is experiencing pain in particular areas of the body. Veterinarians often use urine tests and stool samples to determine if there are infections or parasites in the animal’s body. X-rays reveal injuries or structural problems of the bones and teeth. Ultrasound uses sound waves to determine abnormalities in the organs. The vet can also determine if more complex testing is required to diagnose the problem.

Blood Panel Tests Provide Comprehensive Data

Blood testing can reveal a wide range of problems, such as nutritional deficiencies, infections or abnormal function of organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. A blood panel test provides information about the condition of a variety of different functions. The panel includes blood glucose levels that can indicate nutritional problems or possible diabetes. The blood urea nitrogen test, often called BUN, provides information about the kidney function and bladder function. Creatinine levels indicate how well the kidneys are filtering waste from the body. Calcium levels can suggest a problem with heart function. Total protein can reveal problems with the kidneys, heart or infectious conditions. Alkaline phosphatase levels can reveal cancer or liver disease. Cholesterol information in animals reveals nutritional problems or effects of disease conditions. Bilirubin levels are related to the breakdown of hemoglobin, a component of blood. This test can reveal a liver impairment or other problems. Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase levels (SGPT) gives information on enzymes important to liver function. Sodium and potassium tests give data on the adrenal glands, kidneys, and heart. When taken together, these tests provide comprehensive information on organ function and can point to specific disease conditions that need treatment.

A Range of Services at Dames Point Animal Hospital

In addition to pet diagnostics, we offer a broad range of services to care for your pets, including vaccinations, wellness care, nutrition and weight management counseling, dentistry, cardiology, allergies and dermatology, general surgery and oral surgery. In addition, we provide diagnostic testing, microchipping and pharmacy services. In order to provide a full range of care, we at Dames Point Animal Hospital in Jacksonville also provide daycare, boarding, grooming and behavioral counseling. Critical Care, Senior Care, Hospice, and Euthanasia are also available. We also serve patients in Arlington FL. Call Dames Point Animal Hospital at 904-746-0096 for an appointment to discuss your pet’s health today.